My basic photography tools

It sounds like I have a big bag of camera accessories and photography tools, but really, I do not. I only have a semi-DSLR, Fujifilm FinePix S20 Pro which I have been using more like a point-n-shoot camera. My image software is just a regular Microsoft Office Picture Manager and lastly, I have a tripod which I rarely use. That’s it.

I’ve been taking lots of pictures, but I do not know which technical feature to adjust/set to get that perfect professional photograph. I recently signed myself up to a distance-learning course in photography and am waiting for the materials to arrive. And at the later part of this year, I plan to get myself an Apple computer with some great photo editing software.

I created this blog page to post my photos to share with the pros out there, so that they could send their critique and hopefully give me some tips to improve. It’s also a journal to track my learning journey towards becoming a professional photographer.

For starters, I customized the image header above with a close-up photograph of a flower’s petals which I took last summer. The photo was taken using macro and auto modes, hand-held. The original photo is below, and additionally another one with a bee. It was breezy that day and the bloom was above my eye-level, so it was difficult for me to shoot a sharp image, hence the blurry result. I love the strong color and the curls of the petals, though.

flower-41.jpg   flower-39.jpg


~ by Photography Mommy on March 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “My basic photography tools”

  1. Keep it up. Practice makes perfect

  2. Hey where is the bee? 🙂

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