Winter frost on fall leaves


My personal favorite of the three. Somehow, I wish the different color hues of this leaf could be more vivid. 


Another variation of winter frost on a leaf. Is the upper part of the leaf over-exposed? 


Frost on leaves and grass blades. Again, perhaps the leaves could do with a little more vivid colors.

 All photos taken using macro and auto modes, hand-held. CRITIQUE and TIPS welcome. Thank you!


~ by Photography Mommy on March 27, 2007.

6 Responses to “Winter frost on fall leaves”

  1. Cool shots…looks like the leaves are salt encrusted. I don’t know if you use Photoshop or do any post-processing, but if you want the colors to be more vivid, you could play with the saturation levels for each of the color channels. Or if your camera has a “vivid” setting, you could up that level in-camera. Personally tho, I think the colors as they are in the first photo look nice and subtle. The only picture that doesn’t seem to quite fit is the last one since the first two you shot zoomed in with a tight crop. Just my 2 cents, but nice details in the first two.

  2. Great pics! I’m no expert so I’ll just shut my trap 😉

  3. wah…this site looked so PRO leh!
    Maybe you change all to WP so I won’t have problems to put my comments!

  4. Very nice Binky!!! I wish I could take as nice picturesss… Do keep your blog updated all the time. Hopefully I could pick up some tips from you here.. 🙂

  5. Nice. If you upped the saturation and contrast a bit (like Kevin said), they should become a bit more crisp. Mess with those settings a bit. 🙂

    I like the second one, love all that frost. Haha, no it isn’t too overexposed. Actually it’s spot on, you can see the darker bottom and a bit of the lighter top.

    The last shot is interesting but a bit wide. I like the idea of closing in one them, brings your attention much quicker!

  6. Thank you, Kevin and Mike.

    Girls, thank you too for your kind words.

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