Spring Tulip Festival 2007 (Part 1)

We visited a tulip farm at Woodburn, Oregon today because the weather was so fabulous. However, we arrived there slightly after noon, and the sun was high and very bright. Took about 70 pictures, but only a couple of it is good. Will definitely go back there again tomorrow for some sunset shots and once more next month when the flowers are in full bloom.

Question:  How do I shoot crisp, clear photos under bright sunlight? The photos were taken under this setting:


Handheld, macro mode;    ISO 400;     f/9;        s=1/900 sec


Handheld, auto mode;    ISO 400;        f/9;         s=1/850 sec


Handheld, super macro mode;     ISO 400;        f/5.6;          s=1/450 sec


~ by Photography Mommy on March 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “Spring Tulip Festival 2007 (Part 1)”

  1. First, I’d turn down your ISO to your lowest possible setting. (If you can go to 50-100 that’d be great!) I don’t believe there’s any perfected formula (though there are a few for figuring other things out), but one great way if you can figure out how to get it perfectly is either.. 1. Play around until you get it. 2. Go into Av and let the camera show you what it thinks. Haha!

    Absolute cheating, but sometimes it comes down to that.. 🙂 I think these photos look fine, possibly a bit with the saturation and/or contrast? Nice set!

  2. Thanks, Mike for your comments on this and the other posting. I will try to play around with the settings. We are going down to the tulip farm again this weekend, hopefully we are able to catch the launching of the hot air balloons this time, and HOPEFULLY I’m able to snap a few good ones. 🙂 Will keep everyone posted.

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